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My Nana says to Check Back Often!

  We started out making everything out of cedar (that's the reason for CM CedarWorks) then we found other locally available materials sometimes easier to procure.  Now we use only Cypress, which is a species are noted for its outside durability, weather and rot resistance. We  assemble with zinc plated bolts and exterior grade deck screws to ensure you have many years of enjoyment.

As tastes change, so do the colors of our furnishings. Although we have found the colors displayed to be quite popular, we realize that your color palette may require something different. We will be happy to paint your furniture any color that you want. Just send us a paint chip or major brand formula, and we'll custom finish your outdoor furniture investment.
We work hard to make sure that every piece will bring you 100% satisfaction. If you are not happy for any reason, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to make it right.


  All colors are rendered exterior in 20 year acrylic latex paint. If you should desire to keep the finish natural, we recommend applying water sealer or marine varnish to preserve the wood.

As time passes, especially if your furniture is out in the weather, the wood will expand and contract, and the finish will age. We intentionally do not fill the screw holes so that you can tighten all bolts and screws periodically to maintain a snug fit. Also the furniture can be sanded and repainted anytime you wish.

DIMENSIONS: (in inches)
Twin Swing: 33H x 87L x 45D
Swing: 33H x 56W x 35D
Chair: 48H x 34W x 35D
Rocker: 48H x 34W x 35D
Bench: 48H x 56W x 35D
Footrest: 15H x 23W x 30D
Small Table: 15H or 23H x 23W x 15D
Large Table: 15H x 48W x 30D
Kid Chair: 36H x 23W x 24D


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